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Pair Milo Baughman "His & Her" Swivel Chairs Makeover.

When I first saw these Milo Baughman chairs, my heart literally skipped a beat! Crazy sleek lines and cool aluminum bases. But it all went wrong with the upholstery.

Definitely not original and definitely way too much going on. It just looked like someone went upholstery shopping in Bill Cosby's sweater drawer.

They were just crying out to be re-done. Well... they were redone and here

they are in a gorgeous silvery silk velvet. They did not last long, and now I'm thinking I wish I had kept them to let my kids swivel away in their basement man cave. Of course with three boys, they would not last a year, but hey, my kids swiveled on "Milo" chairs.

Remember, never judge a book buy it's (ugly) cover. You have to look beyond the facade, in people, places, and things. There is beauty in everything, and believe it or not, everyone.

So the next time you look at a piece of furniture, a house, a person, look beyond the cover and use your imagination....maybe they are just in need of some "reupholstering".

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